Legal basic

-  Decision No 208 /QĐ-UBND made by The Municipal People’s Commitee dated 16/01/2014 “Ref : Approval of QHCT 1/2000 the Nam Dinh Vu Non-Customs Zone and Industrial Zone (Zone 1)”

-  Investment Certificate No. 022 21 000024 dated 06/05/2009

-  Decision No 2392 /QĐ-UBND dated 27/11/2009 “Ref : Allowing Nam Dinh Vu Investment Joint Stock Company to rent land for carrying out the project of Investment in the construction, doing business of the infrastructure in the Nam Dinh Vu Non-Customs and Industrial Zone (Zone 1)”

-  Land use right certificate No. BA628667 and No. BA628668 issued on 20/01/2010.

-  For the port region with capacity of receiving 20,000DWT ship: Decision No 2190/QĐ-TTg 24Dec2014 Approved by the PM into the programming of the Vietnam seaport system until 2030; attached to the agreement document for the harbor edge route with the Maritime Bureau.

-  For the petrol region: Decision 2412/QĐ –BCT 17May2011 Updated by The Ministry of Industry and Commerce into the programming of the petrol production and distribution system until 2020 orientation to 2025 with the scale of Period 1:  50,000-70,000 m3.

-  The general environmental influence has been assessed for both the projects of the industrial zone and the port area.

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