Master plan
Master plan

At present, the Nam Dinh Vu non-tariff, seaport and industrial zone (Zone 1) has completed all necessary legal procedures for the invetment attraction. The biggest different point  in Nam Dinh Vu to be talked about is the resonance, addition and upholding of the mutual advantages among the seaport zone, the non-tariff zone and the industrial zone have created a firmer and more competitive investment environment than other industrial zones etc The project has a total area of 1,329ha and divided into the following functional subzones:

-  The seaport and logistics zone has capacity of receiving 20,000DWT ship: 171ha (including 05 piers of containers and 01 pier of general goods 01 pier of cargo).

-  The petrol port and petroleum products: 31ha (03 piers designed for double docks)

-  The non-tariff zone: 210ha.

-  The industrial zone: 917ha.

Non-tariff zone

Developed on an area of 210 ha, Nam Dinh Vu non-tariff zone is a free market zone creating the vividity, multi-branch, multi-field character and a big competitive advantage.


• Sectors of attracting investment

-  Machining, recycling, assembling, processing ... goods for the on-spot service

-  Commercial goods.

-  Commerce, service and production.

-  Promoting commerce.

• Attractive investment environment

-  Nam Dinh Vu non – tariff zone is in Haiphong city which has an advantage on cheap-price labour force, large interior market…

-  The temporary import for re-export, temporary export for re-import, border gate – to – border gate transport, processing, transit here become easier because it close to the internal seaport zone

-  The non-tariff zone has its own operation mechanism and gets a tax rate of 0% beside the special priorities on taxes spared for Dinh Vu – Cat Hai Economic Zone.

-  The area for the service, commerce and large storage houses and yards takes 1/3 of the area arranged close to the connection point for internal and external relations to facilitate the exhibition; goods show; storage; good trading without jam and restriction of quantity and storage time.

• Public untilies

The accompanying service types such as the Customs office, the bonded warehouse, the bank, the logistics and insurance, the representative office, the tax-free supermarket, the amusement region, restaurants etc... finance organization and other commerce promotion activities.

Industrial zone

The Nam Dinh Vu industrial production zone with an area of 917ha is situated close to the ports and directly connecting to Haiphong city centre, a place assessed as one of the cities having the highest speed of urbanization – industrialization in the whole country and a place gathering the young labour source with a high technical level.

• Sectors of attracting investment

-  Green industry

-  Heavy industry

-  Light Industry

-  Production of products after petrochemical  

• Multi-formed in the area

Nam Dinh Vu raises the sense of initiative in the division of the industrial zone into many hired land plots with various areas to fit the investors demand. 

• Attractive and firm investment environment

Nam Dinh Vu is a good choice for the investors to search an attractive investment environment, a space with a reasonable investment expenses, plentiful manforce source, and OSS services ect... because beside the government’s stable investment preferential policy etc... Nam Dinh Vu also applies it own preferential policies :

-  The competitive land hire price

-  The reasonable payment provision

-  Directly connecting to Nam Dinh Vu’s seaport zone.

-  Always accompanying and supporting to quickly complete the investment procedures to help the plant come in operation in the fastest way through the OSS service.

-  The infrastructure in the industrial zone is constructed in the modern-complete- full way, reaching the quality standard supplying and connecting to the fence of the hired land plot. 

-  Fully supplying the services and facilities from simple to high-class for the production, commerce and amusement demand in the industrial zone. 

-  Abundant labor force.

Seaport and logistics zone

The Seaport and Logistics zone has 171ha which is programmed in the Vietnam seaport system until 2020, oriented to 2030 and situated in the sea economic development strategy of Hai Phong city and situated in the sea economy development strategy of Hai Phong city, Nam Dinh Vu seaport zone is developed in the viewpoint “Modern seaport” when connecting the Nam Dinh Vu non-tariff, seaport and industrial zone with the ports in Dinh Vu peninsula, Lach Huyen international gate port to form a series of business able enough to reduce pressure increase of goods via Haiphong  and gradually replacing the main port to take the role of an entrepôt port.

• Scale:

-  Receiving ships of 20.000DWT.

-  Total handling capacity : 20 million tons /year.


Container and cargo piers



Pier length (m)


Designed depth (m)

- 9,5

Type of pier

Bến nhô

Acreage (ha)


Natural turning area (m)


Tide mode

Solar tide


For the port zone : Having been in “The programming of developing the Vietnam seaport system until 2020, oriented to 2030” in Decision No. 2190/QD – TTg enacted on 24 /12 /2009 by the PM. 

• Advantage on the convenient location for the port exploitation

-  Being the further development of Hai Phong port to the sea, Nam Dinh Vu port beside the inheritance of the advantage on the available trade name, labor force, specialized and professional services, Nam Dinh Vu is also a port zone programmed modern, complete and fairly fully made. 

-  Using the national passage route (excavation expense from the State budget).

-  Convenient connection of the traffic inside and outside of the port because Nam Dinh Vu port is not in the urban area. 

-  The traffic system connects with the national traffic network which has capacity to meet all demand of transportation in the port area. 

-  Nam Dinh Vu port has a large ship turning area.

-  Behind Nam Dinh Vu ports there are DinhVu-Cat Hai economic zone, Haiphong city, Hanoi city, and the Northern economic centre which provided a large trading goods for the ports.

-  Warehouses, stores are in our support system for operating ports and logistics. 

Nam Dinh Vu seaport zone is formed as per the orientation of social – economic development to exploit in maximum the potentiality and strength position when connected with Dinh Vu – Cat Hai Economic Zone directly under Hai Phong city – a big economic centre of the country, the biggest port city with an old history in the North with very many enterprises importing goods as well as very manyindustrial zones situated in its area. Being a shortest and most convenient way to the sea of Ha Noi capital in the cooperation of two corridors, one belt between Vietnam and China and being determined as the “in – out” seaport in the South-West of China, the place of over 350 million people. This is the factor bringing many competitive advantages for the investors.

• Other support infrastructure

-  Including the office system for hire; the bank; the Customs office; the anti-fire and explosion facility; the measurement facility, the information and communication facility, the water supply facility etc especially guaranteeing the full power supply to the series of business in the seaport zone.

-  Giving priority to the logistics integration centre with many services such as the bonded warehouse, the odd goods store, the integration cooling store, the distribution centre, supplying full services such as trade marks, packing, quality control, customs procedures, transport etc…

Petro port and petroleum products

Petrol port and petroleum products have been strategically located at the main entrance of Hong River’s delta connects the northern provinces by waterways - favorable road. The 3 liquid piers are an advantage and step forward for warehouses, liquid stores, and retail market imporvement to dominate Haiphong city, Hanoi capital, Quangning city markets and the Northern provindes.

•  Scale


Petrol piers

Number of pier


Pier length (m)


Designed depth (m)


Type of pier

Bến kép

Receiving ships of


Acreage (ha)


Natural turning area (m)


Tide mode

Solar tide


For the petrol zone: “The approval of the programming to develop the production system and the petrol distribution system for the perriod of 2010-2020, oriented to 2025” signed in Decision No. 2412/QD – BCT enacted on 24 /12 /2009 by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce with the scale of period 1 as 50.000m3-70.000m3.

•  Advantage on the convenient location for the port exploitation.

-  Using the national passage route (excavation expense from the State budget).

-  Nam Dinh Vu port is not in the urban area. 

-  Our traffic system connects with the nation transport network which is focused to developing by Haiphong city. 

-  Nam Dinh Vu port has a large ship turning area.


 The infrastructure of Nam Dinh Vu industrial zone, ports, and non-tariff zone is research, plan, and implement for reaching to harmony-modern - in sync.

1.  Transportation: It is planning synchronized, modern, harmonious and connected directly to the national transport network .

-  Main road’s wide: 36m&46m.

-  Internal road’s wide: 23m&34m. 

2. Electricity supply: From nation electricity network the power supplys through Nam Dinh Vu 110/22KV substations with capacity of 4 x 63 MVA (Phase 1: 63 MVA).

3.  Water supply: The water is providing by An Duong, Hung Dao water supply factory whichs ensure volume and quality for production and living.

4.  Water drainage: Rainwater drainage and wastewater (sewage and industrial waste water) was built and handled separately 

5.  Fire safety system: Fire hydrants design along the routes and are arranged 150m / pump post.

6.  Waste water treatment: The waste water factory (phase 1) has capacity of 3.000m3/day.

7.  Waste treatment: Waste handled by service units, they collected and classified before transfer to waste treatment places as prescribed.

8.  Telecommunication/internet: Telecommunication systems have international standards are always ready to meet the needs of communications, high-speed data communications and postal services in the country and internationally. 

Map of land use

Shown on the map of land use planning under the new plan of Nam Dinh Vu project:

-  Demonstrating location partially functional areas based on separate colors. 

-  When you click on  the plot it is shown the parameters: area; building density; average height; plot symbols; vacant or rented.



CA :  Port KB :  Logistic and storage area
KXD :  Petrolium area KTDM :  Main technical
HCDV :  Administration services CN :  Industry
SXCT :  Manufactoring area QS :  Army
CX :  Green land    
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