Investor support
Price table

Land rent is agreed between Nam Dinh Vu and investors through factors: 

-  Location.

-  Acreage.

-  Type of project.

-  Utilities.

-  Utility prices.



Electricity connecting

One time payment

Water connecting

One time payment

Power supply

Following the national prices

Management and operation of power

3% of comsumed power

Water supply

Following the nation prices

Management and operation of water supply

3% of comsumed water

Waste water treatment

80% consumed water

Waste treatment

Following prices of Service providers.


Following prices of Service providers


Investment Process

Labor force

Hai Phong city with nearly 1.2 million labourers which the young labourers take about 50% trained and re-trained in the universities, vocational centres correlative with the city’s economic growth speed assessed as having a high professional level and labour discipline, and a good foreign language level.

The Nam Dinh Vu non-tariff, seaport and industrial zone is situated near some districts (districts of Ngo Quyen, An Hai, Thuy Nguyen, Cat Hai ...) where there is a high population with a young powerful labour force of a high professional level.

Besides, the investor also receives the support from the job introduction centre in the management board of Dinh Vu – Cat Hai Economic Zone for the manforce supply.

Utilities and services

-  Customs offices

-  Post office

-  Banks

-  Fire safety 

-  Secutity

-  Support and consulting employees center 

-  Restaurants and Food Services

Climatic conditions

 • Temperature: 

Weather here has two seasons, winter and summer. Relatively mild climate.Because of its location close to the sea, winter island Dinh Vu warmer than 10C in summer 10C cooler than Hanoi. Monthly average temperature from 20 – 23 C 

• Air humidity: 

The average humidity is 80% to 85%, the highest (95%) in July, August, September, and humidity is lowest in December and January.

• Sunny mode:

In both years, about 1692.4 hours of sunshine. Ground radiation per is 117 Kcal cm / min.

• Wind regime: 

Wind regime of the area affected by the atmospheric general circulation and seasonal changes. The average wind speed of about 3.5 m/s to 4.2 m/s.Dominant wind direction is: 

- Monsoon Southeast wind direction is southeast, the average wind speed of 5.5 m / s and the maximum wind speed winds of 45m/s. 

- Northeast monsoon wind direction is north and northeast. The average wind speed of 4.7 m/s wind speed with maximum winds of 30 m/s.

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  • Price table
  • Investment Process
  • Labor force
  • Utilities and services
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