Celebrate 65 years of liberation of Hai Phong City

65 năm Giải phóng Hải Phòng
13/05/1955 – 13/05/2020

If we are Hai Phong’s children, we must all realized that Hai Phong woke up through a long “hibernation”. Our Hai Phong is rising today with many outstanding projects.

  • Hai Phong is changing every day, becoming an attractive destination to attract top FDI inflows nationwide.
  • In early 2020, although many provinces in Vietnam in particular and general way were seriously affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, Hai Phong was marked by drastic and strong measures with a result of no case.

According to the recent announcement of VCCI, Hai Phong is ranked among the top 10 cities and provinces with the highest PCI. Certainly, the development of Hai Phong partly raises the pride among the children whether living in Hai Phong or away from home.

In order to support all businesses to stabilize production and break through after COVID-19 pandemic, Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park offers special incentives to investors: Off 20% of infrastructure management fees during 3 months!
_ From 5/2020 to the end of 7/2020 _

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