Friendly football match among Nam Dinh Vu and partners, kicking off the spirit after COVID-19 pandemic


Management Board of Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park opened a friendly match with partner Polyfill

Spirit and health play extremely important roles in business and production. To further the enthusiasm and partnership, the Management Board of Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park and Polyfill  had a friendly football match at the new grass field of Polyfill campus. Joy, pleasure and enthusiasm were boosted in the first days back to work.

                Everybody reduces stress on the rolling ball, boost the positive energy to the upcoming journey.

The match also helps tightening trust among Nam Dinh Vu IP and partners, and spread the vibrant working atmosphere to all employees in the industrial zone. The difficulties after the pandemic will be overcome, Nam Dinh Vu IP commit to support all businesses with dedicated services and attractive incentive policies.

We would like to invite you to consult the best investment with incentive policies in Vietnam market here.

In order to support all businesses to stabilize production and break through after COVID-19 pandemic, Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park offers special incentives to investors: Off 20% of infrastructure management fees during 3 months!
_ From 5/2020 to the end of 7/2020 _

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