Groundbreaking ceremony for “Facilitating maritime traffic to welcome large vessels” at Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park.

With the aim of development and enhancing competitive advantages in accommodating large-tonnage vessels, Nam Dinh Vu Port – a Joint Venture between Sao Do Group and Gemadept Corporation has officially commenced the project “Upgrading maritime traffic from the international Container port quay area in Hai Phong to Nam Dinh Vu Port” on January 31, 2024.

Facilitating maritime traffic for large vessels

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The delegates pressed the button to launch the project.

At the project groundbreaking ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Anh Vu, Director of the Hai Phong Port Authority, stated that currently, the volume of goods passing through the Dinh Vu area accounts for a large portion of the total throughput through the Hai Phong port system. However, with the trend of increasing vessel sizes, one of the “bottlenecks” of maritime activities in this area is the narrow and shallow maritime channel. Specifically, the Ha Nam Channel segment currently has a depth of -7m and experiences siltation at times, causing vessels with drafts of -8.5m and above to wait for high tides and reduce cargo loads, directly affecting the operational efficiency of shipping lines and import-export businesses. With a depth of -7m, vessels with a deadweight tonnage of over 25,000 DWT encounter significant difficulties navigating through the channel. Therefore, the urgent need is to upgrade the maritime channel in Hai Phong (the Ha Nam Channel segment), facilitating the passage of large vessels to and from ports, thereby increasing cargo throughput and significantly reducing logistics costs.

The Director of the Hai Phong Port Authority affirmed that the maritime channel upgrade project (from the International Container Port quay area in Hai Phong to Nam Dinh Vu Port) is indeed a breakthrough in the exploitation of the Hai Phong seaport. With the determination of the Gemadept Corporation, it has helped the city overcome the largest bottleneck in cargo exploitation by vessels into the port. Gemadept is one of the reputable major corporations operating in the Hai Phong seaport, and it is hoped that with the enterprise’s willingness to invest its budget into maritime infrastructure, maritime cargo activities will also experience significant growth in the near future.

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Mr. Nguyen Anh Vu, Director of the Hai Phong Port Authority, affirms that the project “Upgrading maritime traffic from the international Container port quay area in Hai Phong to Nam Dinh Vu Port” is a breakthrough in the exploitation of the Hai Phong seaport.

Mr. Tran Viet Manh, Director of Nam Dinh Vu Port (under Gemadept Corporation), shared that as a pioneering enterprise in owning and operating the Port and Logistics ecosystem from North to South, Gemadept deeply understands the role and responsibility of enterprises. Therefore, Gemadept has decided to accompany the Ministry of Transport and the Maritime Administration in the socialization effort to develop maritime infrastructure in Hai Phong. Gemadept has researched and proposed the project to upgrade the maritime channel to the Ministry of Transport. The project aims to deepen the channel from -7m to -8.5m to accommodate fully loaded vessels of up to 48,000 DWT. The project has been approved by the Ministry of Transport, with a unified directive to upgrade the Hai Phong channel segment from the international Container port quay area in Hai Phong to the Nam Dinh Vu Port area.

The driving force behind changing the appearance of the port cluster in the region.

The project “Upgrading maritime traffic from the international Container port quay area in Hai Phong to Nam Dinh Vu Port” is part of the socio-economic development plan of Hai Phong City, a key economic region in the North, as well as the strategic development plan for Group 1 seaports and the development strategy for the Vietnam seaport system. It is a significant step towards elevating the Vietnamese seaport system and contributing to the realization of the 2050 Vision of Hai Phong Port City.

Mr. Tran Viet Manh, Director of Nam Dinh Vu Port (under Gemadept Corporation), stated that upon completion, the upgraded channel will reach a depth of -8.5m, with an estimated length of about 10.5 km. Nam Dinh Vu Port will be able to accommodate vessels up to 48,000 DWT with a draft of up to -8.5m. The project commenced on January 31, 2024, and is scheduled to be urgently implemented within 3 months to commence operations as early as May 2024.

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Mr. Tran Viet Manh, Director of Nam Dinh Vu Port

Since the inauguration of Phase 2 in May 2023, Nam Dinh Vu Port has doubled its capacity, berths, and shipyard, built and invested in synchronized infrastructure, equipment, and technology to international standards. Nam Dinh Vu 1 and 2 can simultaneously accommodate 4-5 feeder vessel trips. The upgrade of the port entrance will further enhance Nam Dinh Vu’s capacity in the future, especially when Phase 3 of the port is soon to be implemented and operational by 2025.

Additionally, the maritime channel upgrade project significantly contributes to improving service quality, enhancing competitiveness, and operational efficiency, driving a transformation in the appearance of the entire key port system in the North.

Elevating value and driving economic growth.

This is one of the pioneering projects in the industry that coordinates and leverages resources between the state and society to invest in upgrading the public maritime traffic in the Hai Phong area.

By investing in infrastructure through socialized funds, it promotes and attracts investment in Hai Phong City and the key economic region of the North, opening up further opportunities for the development of the country’s transportation and seaport system to meet the economic growth rhythm. The project will generate abundant revenue for the state budget through tax revenue and the growth of port activities, based on positive contributions from the Ha Nam Channel.

Moreover, the project brings many other values ​​by promoting production and import-export activities, thereby increasing the export turnover of Hai Phong City, the entire Northern region, and the whole country. By using land and water resources rationally and optimizing them, it contributes significantly to the economy, as affirmed by Nam Dinh Vu Port.

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Nam Dinh Vu Port (located within the Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park) is currently capable of handling and operating five container ships simultaneously.

Increasing competitiveness for businesses within the Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park ecosystem.

Being the only industrial park with an on-site seaport, Nam Dinh Vu Port plays a crucial role in establishing competitive strength within the logistics value chain of the Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park. Currently, the industrial park has developed and attracted over 50 projects spanning various fields including manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and rental warehouse systems. Direct connectivity to the seaport has enabled businesses within the industrial park to significantly reduce costs, boost trade, and facilitate smooth import-export activities, thus creating a global supply chain at Nam Dinh Vu.

With this maritime traffic facilitation project, businesses and investors can meet a wider range of transportation needs, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park in attracting investment projects requiring large cargo demands.

Mr. Pham Quoc Long, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Shipowners’ Association, also emphasized the importance of the Hai Phong maritime channel for the entire economy of the northern region and Vietnam as a whole. The implementation of the project is good news for the Vietnam Shipowners’ Association. This project, when implemented, will help reduce sea transportation costs by 20% to 30%. A successful project will attract many large vessels to the port, providing significant support to import-export businesses. “On this occasion, we also propose that the Ministry of Transport promptly implement the expansion project of the Ha Nam Channel to enable two-way traffic for vessels,” Mr. Long suggested.

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