RED STAR GROUP NEEDS RECRUITMENT: Marketing Manager; Technical staff of petroleum segment; Investment planning staff


    I. Marketing Manager (Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park)
    Quantity: 1 person
    Work place: Hai Phong
    Job description:
    Research, collect, synthesize and analyze information about the market, customers, competitors, customer trends, product development trends in the field of real estate
    Participate in investment promotion activities in foreign markets
    Develop, improve, improve marketing materials: profile, credential, brochure, sales kit for sales to ensure attractive, attractive and regularly updated information.
    Building plans and implementing solutions, Marketing campaigns; Proposing the development and completion of tools and means of direct marketing suitable for the industrial park
    Deploying types of marketing on social networks, search engines and internet sources
    Building, distributing and promoting industrial zone news, regular newsletters, project information updates
    Website Management, Website care and improvement, search engine optimization
    Graduated from university with major in economics, marketing, business administration domestically or abroad
    At least 02 years’ experience in the same position
    Having presentation and negotiation skills
    Proficient in English skills
    Proficient in office computer skills and specialized software for the job
    Age 28 and older
    Signing labor contracts, insurance and other regimes of the company
    Dynamic working environment, professional
    Salary: minimum VND 15,000,000 / month
    II: Petroleum technical staff
    Quantity: 01 person
    Work place: Hai Phong
    Job description:
    Appraisal / verification, review of technology system design in Basic Design, Technical Design, Construction drawing design of Petroleum Projects;
    Participate in managing / monitoring the implementation situation, progress of construction investment of petroleum projects;
    Perform periodic and irregular reporting regime
    Managing and operating the petroleum system
    Perform other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.
    Graduated from University with a formal system majoring in Petrochemical Filter Technology
    At least 2 years experience in the same field
    + Project management skills
    + Be careful, honest and consciously obey the law
    + High sense of responsibility, respect for standards and working principles
    + Ability to think, be proactive and creative
    + Good health, under high pressure of work
    + Ability to work independently, in a team
    + Agile, enthusiastic at work.
    – Gender Requirement: Male
    Signing labor contracts, insurance and other regimes of the company
    Dynamic working environment, professional
    Wage agreement.
    III: Investment Planning Staff
    Quantity: 01 person
    Work place: Hai Phong
    Job description:
    A- Investment preparation stage:
    Participate in developing ideas for implementation, research, research, proposal of scale and form of investment
    Preparation and implementation of procedures for approval of investment policies and agreement of investment locations
    Carrying out the procedures for registration and issuance of investment certificates for new projects
    Prepare and propose competent state agencies to appraise and approve the detailed planning of 1/500
    Preparation of Construction Investment Project (including Project Note and Basic Design Document)
    Approving the basic design of fire prevention and fighting
    Participate in the evaluation and approval of environmental impact assessment reports
    Appraisal of basic design and verification in service of the appraisal work (if any)
    Agreement on connecting technical infrastructure (water supply, drainage, electricity supply, fire prevention and fighting)
    Technology appraisal for regulated projects requiring technology appraisal – according to the Law on Science and Technology
    B- Investment management phase:
    Implement procedures and procedures for land allocation / land lease
    Support functional departments to implement land use right certificates
    Approval of fire prevention and fighting design
    Appraising technical design or BVTC
    Carry out procedures with competent state agencies on EIA, FPF, electricity, water, static height, architecture, planning …
    Carry out procedures for construction permit
    Coordinate construction supervision
    Acceptance of works according to stages and completed works
    Graduated from university with a formal system: Construction economics, construction management of Universities of Transport, Construction, Architecture
    At least 3 years of experience in planning, investing in investment units, or construction and installation
    Able to handle situations, solve problems and communicate effectively
    Proficiency in office computer skills and related software
    Signing labor contracts, insurance and other regimes of the company
    Dynamic working environment, professional
    Wage agreement.
    IV. Application file
    Include the following documents:
    Job application
    Personal CV: describe in detail the learning process and the work
    Curriculum vitae with photo 4×6 (latest 06 months): certified by the locality where you reside
    Types of diplomas and certificates: notarized copies
    Birth certificate: certified copy
    Identity card, permanent residence: certified copy
    Examination paperhealth (last 3 months): hospital confirmation.
    V. Communications
    Candidates submit an application directly to Sao Do Investment Group Joint Stock Company: Số 768B Ngô Gia Tự, Thành Tô ward, Hải An district, TP. Hai Phong or send via email:
    Deadline for receiving applications on October 15, 2019 (applications received are not returned. The company will contact only candidates who match the recruitment criteria)
    For further information please contact: Mrs Trang – TpCNS: 0915 183 096 – 02253 814 301

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