GEMADEPT CORPORATION – One of the leading enterprises in Vietnam in Port operation, Maritime and Logistics, belonging to the group of 50 listed companies with the largest market capitalization in Vietnam. With a development strategy focusing on core business, Gemadept has been investing heavily in Port infrastructure, DC Logistics distribution centers, container transport network in key areas in the region. water and advance to many countries in the region.

Nam Dinh Vu Container Port is one of Gemadept’s outstanding infrastructure projects with a scale of 6-7 ports on an area of ​​over 65ha and a total investment of up to VND 6,000 billion, allowing to receive incoming ships. 40,000DWT, will be a bridge connecting goods trade with the world of not only Hai Phong but also of the Northern key economic region.

After 2 years of effective operation with modern equipment, dynamic and professional staff, to meet the needs of human resources in the coming period, we continue to search for talented talents. force, quality in the following positions:


1. Marketing Manager (01 person)


  • Age: Not more than 40
  • Qualifications: Graduated from Regular University, with priority in the fields of Foreign Trade, Foreign Languages, Economics and Maritime

  • Foreign Language: Proficient in English: Toiec 650 or above, priority to know more foreign languages.
  • Skills: Persuasive communication, negotiation and good negotiation. Good planning, data analysis and problem solving.

  • Experience: At least 3 years in port operation, shipping, logistics. Experienced manager. Knowledge of the port market, shipping.

  • Appearance is quite, enthusiastic, proactive, able to withstand work pressure, determined to work and to settle down for a long life in Hai Phong

Job description:

  • Researching and forecasting markets, analyzing, evaluating and making general comments on market impacts on production and business activities and ways to catch the market.

  • Building competitive strategy, market strategy.

  • Reach potential customers and offer services.

  • Research and propose to expand cooperative relationships, develop new services – transport and logistics chain services.

  • Negotiate and negotiate contracts with shipping lines and cargo owners.

  • Organize and implement customer care and gratitude activities: shipping lines, forwarders, import-export companies.

  • Organizing promotional activities, introducing the Company’s image.

  • Marketing department manager.
  • Other jobs as assigned by the Board of Directors.

2.Marketing / CS staff (01 person)

  • Age: Not more than 35

  • Qualifications: Graduated from Regular University, with priority given to graduates in foreign trade, foreign languages, economics and maritime

  • Foreign Language: Proficient in English: Toeic 500 or above, preferably more foreign languages.
  • Good appearance, dynamic, flexible, good behavior diplomacy, withstand work pressure.
  • Experience: Priority is given to candidates who have had experience working at ports, shipping lines, import-export companies. Having knowledge about port market and shipping.

Job description:

  • Chăm sóc khách hàng hiện hữu: các hãng tàu, forwarder, khách hàng xuất nhập khẩu.
  • Đóng góp ý kiến và đề xuất các chính sách mới nhằm  gia tăng tiện ích cho khách hàng, tăng chất lượng dịch vụ tại hệ thống cảng.
  • Giải quyết các vấn đề liên quan đến khách hàng, chịu trách nhiệm báo cáo và đề xuất Phụ trách trực tiếp các phương án hỗ trợ khách hàng theo đề nghị của khách hàng.
  • Tìm kiếm khách hàng mới, tuyến vận tải mới.
  • Thu thập các thông tin về thị trường hàng hóa, tham mưu cho Phụ trách và Ban lãnh đạo về công tác thị trường.
  • Công tác quảng bá, giữ gìn hình ảnh của Công ty.
  • Tham gia tổ chức các sự kiện Tri ân khách hàng hàng năm.

3. IT Team Leader  (01 người)

Purpose of work:

Ensuring the entire IT system (including hardware and software, communication systems) of the company operates continuously and smoothly with the aim of supporting and increasing the efficiency of the company’s business and production activities.

Job description:

  • Management of network infrastructure – hardware:

– Administration of network systems, servers, construction, design, construction, installation and configuration of network equipment according to LAN and WAN models.

Monitoring, implementing the system maintenance plan, checking arising problems & proposing solutions to submit to the Board of Directors for approval.

Manage IT devices, computers, printers, cameras, timekeeper, …

  • Software management:

Coordinate with the management and operation provider of Port exploitation software. Assessing the quality, functionality, giving opinions to adjust the software’s suitability with the actual situation.

Receive and handle EDI incidents (electronic data exchange) with shipping lines and Customs.

Collaborate with IT Group and IT units in Gemadept to deploy software projects to company departments.

  • Management system security and security backup:

Building, managing the security system and backing up the company’s security, supervising the operation of the system.

Receive requests to purchase IT supplies and equipment from approved departments, seek and negotiate with suppliers.

Management, training and development of IT staff.

Researching and selecting application software that is suitable for the company’s production and business activities.

Support users with issues related to IT services: Windows, Office, Networks ….

Other jobs as assigned by the Board of Directors and the IT Department of the Group.


  • Age: Not more than 40
  • Professional qualifications: Regular university or above majoring in Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunications.

  • Professional qualifications: Regular university or above majoring in Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunications.
  • Experience: at least 3 years in the field of IT, knowledgeable about IT systems in manufacturing enterprises with over 200 system users. Prioritize people who have worked in the port field. Experienced managing at least 2 employees.

  • Professional skills: Network management skills, network operating systems, IT infrastructure

  • Application development skills, database management

  • Soft skills: Teamwork, ability to negotiate, negotiate with partners.
  • Good communication, a spirit of responsible work, love the job, withstand the pressure of work, ready to work overtime when an incident.


  • Wage agreement

  • Enjoy full benefits under the labor law (health insurance & social insurance), annual leave, travel and other benefits as prescribed by the state.

  • Working in a dynamic, professional and creative environment, with many learning and development opportunities.

III/Deadline and how to apply

Submit CV by email: submit your resume directly to HR Department – Level 2 – Nam Dinh Vu Port Joint Stock Company – Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park (zone 1), Lot CA1, Dong Hai 2 Ward, Hai An District, Hai Phong City. Tel: 0225. 3266468 – Ext: 158

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