5 Steps to invest in industrial land at Nam Dinh Vu IP

Before renting industrial land, investors need to learn enough information to minimize incidents arising during the investment procedures. In particular, at the stage of applying for investment certificates, the enterprise’s application will be rejected if there are not enough valid legal documents. This is a barrier that significantly affects the investment decisions of international customers for the Vietnamese market.

Grasping the investor psychology, Nam Dinh Vu has many policies to support and create the most tota conditions for investors. Let’s take a closer look at the incentives and investment steps of industrial park land in Nam Dinh Vu.

Incentives for investment in industrial land in Nam Dinh Vu

Tax exemption policy when leasing industrial production land: 

  • Income tax exemption for the first 4 years when the business has revenue and profit 
  • Reduce 50% of income tax payable in the 9 following years starting from the first taxable year 
  • Support for income tax exemption for businesses has NOT been profitable for up to 7 years 
  • Exemption of 100% land use tax during the project
  • Flexible adjustment and rent, payment terms, and customer service to create the most favorable conditions for investors

 Customer support services:

  • Customs services in place: from completing the declaration, taking the results to support tax payment as prescribed. 
  • Logistics services: Consulting the optimal shipping solutions with the lowest costs, limiting risks. 
  • Investment licensing procedures are free and comprehensive. 
  • Support for recruiting workers, organizing job fairs, posting recruitment information on the media.

Step 1: Consulting information and negotiating land retention contract

When a customer, who needs to rent land, contacts Nam Dinh Vu, you will be consulted online or directly on the land of the industrial park with full information. After having sought an investment location matching investment requirements, we will ask the investor to pay a deposit corresponding to the amount of 10% to 15% of the value of the land lease that all parties will sign in order to ensure the investor’s preferred lease rights. The deposit can be supported by Nam Dinh Vu to flexibly adjust to bring investors the best conditions.

Along with paying the deposit, Nam Dinh Vu and his clients will negotiate and clarify with each other about the contents and terms of rent, rights and obligations of the parties and other contents related to the land lease contract; and then sign the Principle Contract on land lease in the Industrial Park or the deposit contract,  with the same contents as an official land lease. These contents will be transferred to the official land lease contract when both parties guarantee the conditions for signing the land lease agreement as the deal.

Step 1

Step 2: Free providing Investment and Business registration certificates 

To be eligible to sign an official land lease contract, as usual, the main prerequisite is asking for investment licenses. The investment licensing process is also a process with a tremendous amount of work and a lot of things to keep in mind.

However, after discussing the project and investment objectives, if the conditions are met, Nam Dinh Vu will support the free issuance of investment registration and business registration certificates to support customers with the most favorable conditions to invest, produce and do the business.

Step 2

Step 3: Sign a contract and start to hand over the land

This is one of the most important steps of land lease investment in the industrial park because it is the foundation of establishing the right of investors to use their leased land.

After being granted an investment license, the investor (foreign) will establish a legal entity in Vietnam, this legal entity (enterprise) will sign a land lease contract with Nam Dinh Vu, along with this process, the parties will pay the land rent according to the schedule and hand over the land in practice.

Step 3

Step 4: Obtaining a land-use rights certificate and a construction permit

The certificate is registered as a basis for investment to investors, consumers continue to perform such activities as permission to build, make reports assessment of environmental impact, and also the basis for issuance of land use rights certificates.

However, shortly after the lease of the official land lease agreement, Nam Dinh Vu will provide comprehensive support for the issuance of land use and license for clients. The client will no longer have to worry about these complicated administrative procedures.

Step 4

Step 5: The business starts to build and come into operation

After successfully completing all procedures, investors may have built up the plant and put the project in accordance with Vietnam’s laws on construction, carried out installing machinery and equipment, and put the project into operation, in order to  ensure the progress of the investment project according to the contents registered and recorded in the Investment Registration Certificate

Step 5

Nam Dinh Vu is proud to have a “gold” position with modern infrastructure, sync and completion, which will be one of the most productive land options for businesses.