• HaiPhong seaport is a major seaport in the Northern Vietnam which has been invested in the development of seaport system very early, in the detailed plan of group 1 to 2020 and approved orientation to 2030. According to the plan, the estimated amount of throughput goods in 2020 is from 109 to 114 million tons/year; in 2030 from 178,5 million tons / year.
  • Currently, Hai Phong seaport system includes 3 main areas: Cam river port area, Dinh Vu port area and Lach Huyen port area. The total berth is about 44 berths, belonging to 42 businesses operating in the seaport, including 9 berths for container ships, 11 berths for specialized LPG, petroleum can receive ships of up to 20,000 DWT, 24 general cargo berths with the ability to receive ships of up to 50,000 DWT to reduce the load on the Cam River area, 55,000 DWT to reduce the load in Dinh Vu port area, 100,000 DWT in Lach Huyen port area, 6 ports have just combined unloading general cargo has just unloaded container cargoes.
  • Regarding the number of wharves, Hai Phong has about 98 loading and unloading wharves with the total length of wharves of nearly 14,200m till now. The output of goods and ships passing through the region has always reached a high level compared to the whole country. In the recent 5-year period, from 2014 the average annual growth of goods will reach 10.3%. In Vietnam, Hai Phong port is the only seaport hub that can use large transport modes such as railways, highways … like major seaports in the world.
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      • The biggest deep seaport in the northern Vietnam
      • Berth depth: -16m
      • Receiving vessel up to 100,000DWT (~10,000TEU)
      • Operate since May 2018

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