Nam Dinh Vu IP had a part in expanding “green-zone” on Map of COVID-19

In the face of the complicated covid-19 pandemic, Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park as well as businesses operating in the industrial park, has coordinated with Hai Phong province to carry out prevent the spread of Covid-19, be able to quickly control the pandemic, and bring the local economy to active again. 

Nam Dinh Vu IP Participates in the prevention of Covid-19 pandemic

Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park complies with the strict implementation of the Document No. 5878/UBND-VX dated August 24, 2021, of the Office of the People’s Committee of the city on strengthening the control of people from the pandemic zone into the city and Document No. 5938/UBND-VX dated August 26, 2021, about guiding the implementation of some contents in the control of people and vehicles entering Hai Phong.

It is recommended that workers restrict traveling to localities having epidemic areas; limiting the organization of large gatherings of people, exchange activities, festivals. In the case of an organization, it must strictly implement measures to ensure safety, especially, must comply with wearing masks, disinfection … in accordance with the rules.

Strictly comply with social distancing regulations, 5K message of the Ministry of Health, especially wearing mandatory masks in public places, at events with large crowds, or on public transport.

5k rules

Continue to increase vigilance, not neglect the risk of a pandemic, uphold the responsibility of the head, implement drastically, synchronously, and effectively the anti-pandemic measures set out with the motto “active prevention, early detection, rapid isolation, effective treatment, definitive treatment, Quickly stabilize the situation.

Arrange people to be on duty, inspect and ensure the work of fire prevention and order at the enterprise.

To review, guide, and supervise enterprises in industrial parks; closely coordinate with the local authorities, foreign workers working in industrial parks, promptly handle cases arising unexpectedly, and respond to special, unusual incidents of COVID-19.

SAODO GROUP has donated 5 billion VND to the Vaccine Fund for Covid 19

Promoting the tradition of solidarity, mutual love and affection” of the nation, reacting to the “Letter of Calling” of the People’s Committee – Hai Phong City. The Board of Directors of Sao Do Group immediately chose to help the “Vaccine purchase support fund 5,000,000,000 VND (Five billion VND).

With its affection and responsibility, SaoDo Group hopes that many businesses will continue to join hands, unite and actively participate in supporting the city’s Covid-19 prevention and control fund for a safe and growing city.

tap doan sao do ung ho quy vaccine

Vaccination campaign for all employees

On September 8, Nam Dinh Vu IP coordinated with HEZA and Hai Phong Medical University to organize vaccination for all businesses and employees who are working in Nam Dinh Vu IP. The organization for the injections was carefully prepared and followed the guidelines of the

Ministry of Health. During the event, we also arranged adequate facilities and personnel to support doctors, ensuring the safest and most effective vaccination.

With 3012 successful injections in phase 1 and phase 2 is expected to be held in early October. All post-injection cases are taken care of by doctors and nurses of Hai Phong Medical University. We provided snacks to ensure there were no cases of unfortunate reactions after injection.

Being vaccinated is an effective solution to prevent Covid-19 and especially ensure stable production and business activities in IP. Any disruptions in production shall cause great damages to businesses, as well as affect investment attraction in Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park.