The standard factory in Haiphong and fully equipped facilities will help investors improve production advantages. Contact to cooperate with Nam Dinh Vu to get good prices and maximum support services.

Overview of Nam Dinh Vu factory in Haiphong

The factory in Haiphong was built to bring the best efficiency for manufacturing enterprises. Product information can be referenced below:

  • Construction scale: 2.1 ha with 10 standard factories of 1,000m2 and 1024m2 in modularity
  • Flexible for lease area of 1000m2 or more, helping customers easily choose to suit the needs and production scale
  • Factory characteristics:
    • K98 reinforced concrete foundation
    • Workshop floor being polished, surface treated and flat grinding
    • Floor loading capacity at 20 KN/m2
    • Roof coverings using 3-layer insulated sheets
    • 5 wave corrugated metal sheets with 0.45mm thickness
    • Z galvanized purlin with 2mm thickness and 200mm height
    • Ventilation roof monitor
  • Full facilities ready to start production:
    • Standard office
    • 24/7 security protection
    • Firefighting system equipped according to national standards
    • Provide full utilities: power, water supply, wastewater collection, and treatment, etc.
The factory area is invested with modern construction and can start production immediately
The factory area is invested with modern construction and can start production immediately

Which industries is the factory in Haiphong suitable for?

With a building module of 1000m2, the Nam Dinh Vu factory in Haiphong can be used well with many production models. In particular, the main industries expected to be attracted are mechanical engineering, auxiliary industries for automobiles, manufacturing, and processing for export.

The facilities at the factory are connected immediately after the decision to cooperate. Service of supporting procedures, applying for a free 24/7 license for investors. Enterprises can quickly go into production, saving time, and initial costs.

The advantages of Nam Dinh Vu factory in Haiphong

Prime location

Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park is located in the center of Dinh Vu – Cat Hai Economic Zone. This is a marine economic center serving the socio-economic development needs of Hai Phong city, the Northern coastal region, and the whole country with many key projects being implemented.

  • 10km from Hai Phong city center, connected via TL356 (68m cross-section).
  • 4km from Hanoi – Hai Phong highway, connecting Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park with cities in Northern Vietnam.
  • 8km from the international airport with a cargo capacity of 250,000 tons/ year.
  • 15km from Hai Phong railway station with Hai Phong – Hanoi – Lao Cai railway to Van Nam (China).
  • Nam Dinh Vu port area belongs to the internal functional sub-zone, capable of receiving ships of up to 40,000 DWT.
Prime location helps production activities go smoothly, saving transport costs
Prime location helps production activities go smoothly, saving transport costs

Integrated area of multi-services and utilities

We invest in the construction of a multifunctional industrial park for sustainable development. At the same time support investors in all production and business issues. Production activities of the business will be ensured to the maximum with the system of internal facilities:

  • Wide internal roads 46m – 34m – 23m with a standard lighting system
  • The underground electricity system ensures sufficient capacity for production and is checked regularly
  • The water system provides clean water according to customer needs, can provide the capacity of more than 30,000m3/ day
  • The wastewater treatment plant is continuously operating, measuring the quality of wastewater before being discharged into the environment
  • Fire protection system with 100% underground running hose, hundreds of fire hydrants, 3 pumps ready for troubleshooting
  • Equip gas stations, container ports, and bonded warehouses to meet transport and logistics needs

Besides, Nam Dinh Vu is ready to assist investors in the following services:

  • Customs services in place: Complete the declaration, get results, and support tax payment as prescribed.
  • Logistics services: Consulting the optimal shipping solutions with the lowest costs, limiting risks.
  • Investment licensing procedures are free and comprehensive.
  • Support for recruiting workers, organizing job fairs, posting recruitment information on the media.

Best price policy with many incentives

Besides the great advantages of location, traffic, infrastructure, Nam Dinh Vu also has a very good price mechanism. Prices are considered to be very competitive compared to other industrial parks located near the sea. Businesses can be assured of the quality of production and still retain high-profit margins.

Nam Dinh Vu tax incentives for investors:

  • Income tax exemption for the first 4 years when the business has revenue and profit
  • Reduce 50% of income tax payable in the next 9 years starting from the first taxable year
  • Support for income tax exemption for businesses has NOT been profitable for up to 7 years
  • Exemption of 100% land use tax during the project

Besides, Nam Dinh Vu IP also flexibly adjusts land rent, payment terms, and customer service to create the most favorable conditions for investors. Details of preferences can be found here.

The factory area is surrounded by a multi-utility system in Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park
The factory area is surrounded by a multi-utility system in Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park

Why should customers choose Nam Dinh Vu ready-built factory in Haiphong?

The quality factory in Haiphong will help businesses increase production efficiency and facilitate the distribution of goods. Especially for investors focusing on the favorable Northeastern region, these benefits cannot be ignored:

  • Nam Dinh Vu is the only industrial park in Vietnam that owns 4 functional areas for multi-service synthesis.
  • Industrial land products meet quality standards, located at the golden position of the economic sector.
  • Always put criteria of labor safety, fire protection, and environmental protection on top.
  • Support businesses with useful services at competitive costs.

For advice and more detailed information, please leave the information below. We will connect with you as soon as possible.

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