Together with Nam Dinh Vu, let’s create a Green future

Together with Sao Do Group – Investor of Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park (IP), Let’s Create a Sustainable Green Future.

This is the third year that the “Green Saturday” event has been initiated by Sao Do. Each year, it adopts a different format but always emphasizes teamwork, connectivity, and unity. “Green Saturday” has truly become a meaningful annual activity for businesses operating in Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park in relation to the environment.

Together with Sao Do Group - Investor of Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park (IP), Let's Create a Sustainable Green Future.

On June 17th, the event with the theme “Earth is Our Home” took place and attracted over 300 employees in Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park. Attending the event were representatives from the Leadership Board of Hai Phong Economic Zone Authority (HEZA), Sao Do Group executives, as well as representatives from various businesses. Everyone immersed themselves in a joyful and vibrant atmosphere with exciting activities and challenges of the program. As a result, messages about environmental protection were raised and spread.

With unexpected stages and challenges, this year’s “Green Saturday” brought about a wide range of emotions:

Before embarking on the first competition stage, the 18 participating teams had a warm-up period to promote physical fitness, strengthen team spirit, and unleash creativity through activities such as “brand flag decoration”, team naming and slogan creation, and designing eco-friendly paper bags revolving around environmental themes. The 18 teams, each representing a unique color, showcased remarkably creative and interesting ideas that kept the cheering audience surprised and engaged throughout the event.

Sustainable Green Future 17.6.2023 KCN Nam Dinh Vu 279

The teams came up with creative and visually appealing slogans promoting green future and beautifully designed paper bags.

Entering the main challenge stages, the teams went through a series of physical challenges to convey the program’s main message: “ACTION FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.” In the overall results, Sao Do Group’s team claimed the first prize, the second prize went to GLC Environmental Engineering Company, and the third prize was awarded to Pan Hai An Company. Additionally, four Style Awards were also presented at the event.

17.6.2023 KCN Nam Dinh Vu 360 17.6.2023 KCN Nam Dinh Vu 332 17.6.2023 KCN Nam Dinh Vu 387

Through these meaningful activities, Sao Do and the business organizations in Nam Dinh Vu industrial park aim to build a Green living community and a Green future together, contribute their small part, and spread positive values. In order to develop sustainable businesses and industrial parks, let us first come together to Protect the Environment for the Green Future./.


The Nam Dinh Vu Non-tariff, Seaport, and Industrial Zone, spearheaded by the Sao Do Group, stands out as an exemplary real estate endeavor that seamlessly integrates all five modes of transportation for international connectivity. This groundbreaking project boasts a unique advantage of harmoniously incorporating the logistics value chain within and beyond the Industrial Park. Distinctively, Nam Dinh Vu is the sole industrial park project in the region that boasts an internal seaport as well as a dedicated area for petroleum and liquid cargo handling. Its remarkable achievements have earned it the prestigious Outstanding Industrial Park Award in Vietnam in 2022, a testament to its comprehensive and synchronized industrial and logistics infrastructure.

A key distinguishing factor of Nam Dinh Vu lies in its unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and green practices. Every investment project attracted to this industrial park undergoes rigorous environmental assessments to ensure full compliance with stringent environmental criteria. Moreover, the park’s industrial infrastructure undergoes regular upgrades and enhancements, creating a sustainable and eco-friendly environment for all stakeholders involved. As a proactive player in the industry, Nam Dinh Vu is at the forefront of pioneering research and implementation of renewable energy projects, driving the adoption of sustainable practices in the production and business activities of on-site enterprises. By embracing Sustainable Development and Green Future as the ultimate goal in their operational and business endeavors, Nam Dinh Vu exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to industry and environmental harmony.

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